Fallen Branch

With this asset I begun in ZBrush creating the main shape of the branch using zpheres tool. After the main shape was done, I used dynamesh tool as I sculpted to keep the topolgy of mesh from becoming an issue in case I had to pull or squeeze parts of the mesh. Afterwards I used the Zremesher tool when I have the main shape right and i was ready to sculpt the fine detail and paint.


Next I exported the High poly sculpt into Topogun to create a low poly cage. Once that was done the mesh was sent to Maya to create a UV map and was the re imported into Topogun to transfer the data from the high poly to the low poly mesh.


Finally the low poly mesh was imported into the Unity game engine where I used the standard shader with a difuse (albedo), normal, and ambient occlusion maps. The new standard shader was very useful and being able to apply secondary maps made a big difference and made the colors pop.