Every 3D artist makes at barrel at some point and I wanted to make one that did not look flat, my process was probably more complex that it should have been, but I used it as an excuse to practice with the various new software I have learned.With this asset I started in Maya creating a low poly Barrel and then duplicating it and prepping the second one for ZBrush by adding more polygons and splitting the mesh into pieces.


I felt this would make it easier to texture and sculpt the barrel in ZBrush by splitting the barrel into subtools that would allow me to texture and sculpt each piece individually.


I sent the high poly ZBrush sculpt and the low poly Maya version into Topogun to bake the various maps. Finally I imported the low poly mesh into the Unity game engine 5 and set up the shader with a difuse (albedo), normal, and ambient occlusion maps. I also made a spec map which Unity requires use alpha channels and I had a little trouble getting the wood to not appear so shiny, even with really dark maps the objects looks too shiny for my taste, so for now I used the standard shader where I could change the spec by using the metallic and smoothness slider. I also had an issue with light somehow going throw the mesh and creating an incorrect shadow, I checked the mesh ad all the verts are merged and there are no faces with reverse normals, so I know that it is not the mesh itself. I beleive it has something to do with the global illumination and the bias settings in the shadows.