The Alamo Cannon

I decided to go back and remodel an asset i had made years ago with the recent new techniques and software I have learned. The model was that of an 18 pound cannon used in the battle of the Alamo in 1836. As always I did my research and found that I had to make some changes to the original cannon I modeled since I wanted to add more detail to the new version. I modeled a high poly version of the cannon first. The tricky part of the modeling was a metal edge that went around the wooded frame and held the gun in place.


The rest of the modeling was pretty straight forward, once I started modeling the low poly version, I decided to only have one spoke in each wheel to save UV space and then once texturing was done, I could simply duplicate the two spokes to complete the wheel.


As for the texturing, I wanted the cannon to look like I imagined it it did during the battle, not new but not old ether, and covered with think dirt and light dust all over from all the reference images i tried to imitate the wood frame texture as well as the various metal types used in the real cannon.


the alamo cannon render 3

I decided to return to the project as i was not content with the end results, the cannon textures appeared too flat and there was too much dirt and dust on it, so i decided to redo all the texturing. Before this I also re uv’d the cannon by giving the wheels their own uv so that i could texture each spoke separately and to increase the texture resolution of the cannon. This time I used several kind of wood materials and too great care to paint and wear and dust on it without having it overtake the main materials.






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