For this project I modeled a Spaceship based on a concept art. The shape of it was an organic and would be very challenging to get the curves just right with box modeling. Instead i decided to use NURBs and the quadraw tool to model the body of the spaceship. I only had an angled view of the ship so my first task was to create guides using NURBs, once i was happy with their placement I lofted the NURBs.

Using the loft as a live object, I could then use the quadraw tool in Maya to draw all the polygons on the surface, letting me draw the polygons with proper edge flow. The engines of the ship were modeled using simple box modeling. Through the modeling process i would create the low poly first and then make a high poly version of the mesh. Where there are moving parts and places that could cause baking issues i separated the pieces from one another and then once the texturing process is done i could bring it back together.

My first attempt at UV’ing the mesh i had the entire model in one UV map, but after bringing the mesh and doing some test bakes in substance painter i was not happy with the clarity so i decided to go with two UV maps, one with the two engines and another with the body of the ship. I began the texturing process by setting up all the base materials an masking them out. Next i would edit each material by giving them some wear like edge damage,scratches, and paint in a bit more detail into the normal and height maps. I finished by then giving the entire mesh a pass of dirt and smudges of different grain sizes.

Finally i brought the completed Spaceship into Marmoset tool bag to check that the everything, including the emissive maps displayed properly.



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